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If you or someone you know is affected by anxiety, depression, or another mental health problem, we may be able to help you. We offer independent clinical psychology services to adults, children and young people across East Anglia.

What this site is about

On this site you will find more than just information about our clinical services and the help we can offer. You can also access our blog where we offer informative and thought provoking content on mental health and well-being related topics from our own team and our guests. We hope you enjoy the blogs and welcome your feedback, questions, and suggestions for future blogs.

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We now also offer remote consultations and self referrals for our mental health and psychological treatment service. Both video and audio calls are available. Please complete a contact form or contact us directly for more information.

The Psychology Consultancy Team


Latest blog posts:

  • Locked down Family Life (3/30/2020) - In this article, psychotherapist and author Rebecca Bergese shares her thoughts on children's response the lockdown, and how parents can help build their their children's resilience.
  • coronavirus stay at home Five easy ways you and your family can fight stress during the coronavirus outbreak. (3/23/2020) - The Coronavirus Five-a-day are 5 areas you can work on every day to help you and your family stay mentally well during the coronavirus outbreak. These goals are based on what we have learned from decades of psychological research on how people cope with severe stress.
  • The Covid-19 Five-a-day: A proactive approach to protecting your mental health during the pandemic! (3/21/2020) - As we start to practice social distancing and self-isolation to stem the coronavirus pandemic, what does psychological research tell us about the impact on our mental health and what can we do about it? This post reviews relevant research and offers the Covid-19 Five-a-day framework as guide to proactive steps that everyone who is affected can take to stay as mentally well as possible, despite the impact of the virus.
  • Living to your diagnosis (3/20/2019) - In this post, talented psychologist, David Thorpe shares his insights into living with an autism diagnosis. Definitely a must read...
  • Why getting more sleep is probably the best new year’s resolution you could make for 2019! (1/8/2019) - The scientific evidence is clear: Getting enough quality sleep is vital for the optimal functioning of both the brain and the body! Yet, for surprisingly many of us a good night’s sleep is elusive. As we start the new year, now might be a good time to take a closer look at the important role sleep plays in keeping us well. Resolving to sleep more this year is probably the best New Year’s Resolution you can make!
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